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Just Stop It!

I have to say something. All social media – especially Facebook, I am convinced, is the biggest detriment to our society – EVER …


Unlikely Christians

I met an astrophysicist this weekend. That’s not something you can say everyday is it? Actually he is “just” a physicist at …


Tipping Point

You’ve probably heard some of the uproar online about the server at an Applebee’s restaurant who photographed a receipt where a pastor …

Amber Waves

God. Family. Country.

There are essentially three different umbrellas that God put in place for us – His people… God. Family. Country (the Government). (And …

cloud_heart_by_girlreallyloving-d34zr5r copy

My Heart

God… My heart… I don’t know why you would want it… It is unclean. It is broken. It is unworthy. I don’t …

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