God Shaped Void

As humans – we are always in pursuit. Every moment of every day our life is consumed with pursuing… Our schedules. Our kids. Our money or our bills. Our own agendas. I wish that I could say I pursued God all the time… that I sought after Him and His will and His heart every moment of every day. But the truth is I don’t.

Have you ever heard of Blaise Pascal? That’s him <=== there…I was always terrible at and hated math in school so he really meant very little to me… being that he was a french mathematician from the 17th century… But one quote from him I have always thought was so cool is “every man has a God shaped void in his life.” (Even math nerds say something memorable from time to time!) So we have this hole in our heart that is really only filled completely by God. But just because it is perfectly filled by Him does not mean we don’t try and fill it with other things.

The void was never meant to be of course. He never desired for us to live separately from Him – but that’s not the hand we have to play now.

As a Christ Follower it’s easy to say – well, I don’t have a void any longer because I accepted Christ. But that really is not true. We live in a broken world. We are broken. If we are honest – we all know there are times we find ourselves trying to fill our lives with something other than Him… No matter how close of a relationship I have with Him, still sometimes I doubt. Sometimes I get angry at Him. Sometimes I scream my head off at Him! Sometimes when you see death and destruction like people are experiencing in Joplin, Missouri I wonder when enough is enough. Sometimes I pick up His Word and I leaf through it aimlessly as if it is a book I have never seen before.

I wish that I was more faithful… More able to trust unswervingly… More disciplined to keep pace with Him on the path I know He wants me to follow. But the truth is – I don’t. The truth is – the original plan for us to be at His side day-in-day-out changed with a bite of fruit from a forbidden tree. Because of that decision – we do not walk with Him in a perfect, manicured garden, we pursue Him in a wild, overgrown  jungle. It’s easy to lose sight of Him and find ourselves pursuing everything other than Him. Phillipians 3:7-14 is a passage I try and read very regularly and “I press on to take hold of that for which Jesus took hold of for me.”

I love Jesus. I love the Message he brought to Earth. I know at my core that He is all I ever need … AND Thank God for His grace, mercy, love and 2nd, 3rd, 4th…59th, 60th…138th, 139th…4,237th, 4,238th…1,389,965th chances that He has given me.. an unlikely pastor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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