Dandelions in the garden…

I hate dandelions. With a white hot passion I loathe them. Everyday – I check our lawn to make sure none of these devil weeds exist anywhere in our yard. I can honestly feel my blood pressure rise when I see one of these ugly weeds sticking their little heads up out of our green lawn. Aside from their unseemly appearance they do a lot of damage to other plants. They have a tap root that will steal water from surrounding vegetation and they spread like cancer. They are a blight on the earth that I really wish could be exterminated completely. I know – I have issues…

As I was walking around today with my bottle of OrthoMax Weed B Gone searching for any sign of my horticultural enemy, I was praying… No not that God would reveal these vermin to me … Just praying about lots of stuff. A lot of times – I am stream of conscience with Him. I think he must sometimes be convinced I am insane and I am quite sure that only His divine self could ever comprehend what I am saying when I do this. Our conversation today started about several families at church who are really struggling with lots of stuff. Stuff that is hard for me to understand why people have to go through such things – but that’s for another post… For 30 minutes or so – I was all over the place with Him. I yelled at Him quite a bit today actually… Maybe my blood pressure was up in anticipation of finding a dandelion… (which I did not today! the battle is won – but not the war…) I just felt really angry at God as we talked… Praying about the pain that so many families are experiencing… the financial hardship our church is under… I wasn’t feeling any better talking to him – it just seemed to make me more mad. Then I said it. “And by the way God! Way to go with the creation of dandelions! Awesome!! Thanks a lot!! Thanks for ticks, mosquitos, cockroaches, termites, cancer, bacteria, diease and UK Basketball too while I’m thanking you for the stuff that totally sucks!”

Then it hit me… Genesis 3:17-18 “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you…”

Every bad thing we face – disease, adversity, ticks, mosquitos, UK Basketball and dandelions plus thousands of others – exist not because of God – but because of us. We rejected and continue to reject Him. We disobeyed and continue to disobey. We live in a fallen world – a corrupted recreation of His perfect creation. SO I guess it’s not that I am angry at God for what we face – but I am ready for Him to step in and bring us back to perfect. I’m ready for the day that I don’t have to watch families disintegrate because of drugs, alcohol, pornography, affairs… for the day that I don’t have to perform another funeral of a family member that was so dearly loved by their spouse, children and grandchildren… for the day that kids are not starving to death on a desolate island while others hoard their possessions accumulating more and more and bellyaching that they still don’t have enough… for the day that the ground is not cursed but is blessed again. God we need you… I need you… and not because of dandelions.

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