10 More Days…

It’s almost my favorite day of 2012… The day AFTER the presidential election. Actually – every time there is a presidential election year it gets annoying really quickly – but this year has far surpassed all previous. We have literally used our DVR more in the last 6 months than ever before. I cannot stand to see one more political ad – but living in Ohio, no matter how much I try to avoid them… they are everywhere.

I think it’s time for some new directives for politics… directives that go beyond just tv ad regulation. Here is a list of the ones I think would help.

1. The creation of a 3rd Party. We need a serious alternative to the 2 party system. I am conservative but find myself seriously disliking both of the current major parties. And no – I don’t mean an inbred cousin of one the 2 current parties… Let’s bring back the Anti-Federalists or the Whigs or something…

2. Campaign finance limits. No more corporate contributions. No more Super PACs. Each candidate gets a set limit to spend – equally. Actually, since this would be so difficult to monitor and track… let’s just say no ads at all. That’s easier … AND WAY BETTER!

3. Campaign ads limited for candidates to talk only about their own qualifications/accomplishments/promises. Candidates can debate one another in debates – not on TV ads where they can lie about one another in escalating attacks.

4. Term limits for all levels of government. No more career politicians. 2 terms in any position is plenty. Seeing someone spend 50+ years in congress is a joke. They get so far out of touch with their constituents and with what people in the private sector face it is laughable.

5. No more lifetime benefits for politicians. Remember Anthony Weiner? The New York congressman with the unfortunate pun for a last name? He left congress in disgrace – resigning his position and yet he leaves with a pension valued at $1.2 million. Or about $46k a year when he reaches retirement age. He was only in congress 12 years! And he contributed less than $200 a month to his retirement.

6. Accountability. You and I both know that when we have a job we have expectations and requirements we have to live up to. We don’t live up to them… we get fired. Welcome to the real world Mr./Ms. Politician. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

That stuff is so straight forward and common sense isn’t it? Yet it won’t happen because the powers that be don’t want to give up any of their power or comfort.

It’s not surprising really… Think about King Solomon… He was considered to be so wise… In fact God gave him the opportunity to ask for anything and God would grant it to him. Remember that his request was for wisdom. He became the most powerful, richest king and in deed wise… But power corrupts and he became the very thing he himself warned against in Ecclesiastes 4 … he said it would be better to be a poor but wise youth than to be a foolish old king who no longer listens to advice and chases after his own whimsy… Ironic that he was then describing the very thing he would become… a foolish king who turned his back on God and brought shame on his family … I Kings 11

I want people in authority who will pursue the common good for our nation. I think that because money and power ultimately corrupt that gets lost when anyone is there for too long.

So what can we do to get the “old kings” to stop chasing after the wind… to let go of their comfort, power and riches? It will take more than just talk… it will take action and it won’t be easy but the right things rarely are… We have to start holding the ones we vote for accountable and put new people in that haven’t had a taste of the old. They’ll never miss what they weren’t privileged to…


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