Poignant Poignancy

This week is proving to be a poignant one for me. I know you are impressed I use the word poignant and I am pretty sure I am using it correctly. My son – who is 5 going on 17 – had his Kindergarten orientation this week and starts on his first day as an honest-to-goodness school age child just days from now. Where has the time gone? I am finding myself waxing poetic more and more as I watch him do just about everything. He caught me staring at him as he was doing a simple task the other day and he told me I was freaking him out. Where in the world di he learn that phrase?!? Must be his mother.

I cannot believe that this amazing little 5 year old, miniature version of the man he will be is my son. He should still be in diapers talking gibberish and smearing food all over his face. He can’t be the – reading words, counting, rhyming, talking on the phone, opening up his own food candy wrappers, riding a bike, hitting a baseball, kicking goals in soccer – boy that I see now.

When Tera and I first got pregnant everyone gave versions of the same advice – “don’t blink… it goes by in an instant.” Truer words never spoken… Well I know that now but of course I dismissed those words as quaint clichés at the time. It was sometime around Will leaving my wife’s uterus and being held in my arms that I realized how real all that advice was! Now I look back and would give anything to hold my baby boy in my arms and see those wide, wondering eyes stare up at me again… See what I mean about waxing poetic?

I say all of that but I also realize the amazing time that I have watching him grow and seeing all of the new things he seems to learn by the hour. i.e. I was amazed this past week when he and I were talking about going to the pool on a “Daddy Day of Fun” but it was supposed to rain early in the day (he is obsessed with what the weather is going to do by the way)… his response to this news was – and yes – this is an exact quote: “well, I suppose we could just wait and go this afternoon.” He supposed? Dang little professor. Don’t spill any juice on your tweed jacket with the elbow patches. Must be his mother. I have trouble remembering which version of “there/their” to use when I type but my 5 year old is supposing things.

What I have really been realizing in this very poignant week is that I really do have an amazing life. I have 2 beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife and an amazingly loving group of friends and am the pastor of the best church I can imagine… none of which I deserve in any way… Yes life gets incredibly busy and stressful but the blessings so far outweigh those stressors…

Life is going by quickly, and I don’t want to blink, but it’s the funnest ride I can imagine. I have to remind myself to pause and take times to wax poetic more often… daily even. How about you?

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