I had an interesting sad conversation with a family recently. They wanted to know where the evidence of God was in their lives. They said they were faithful to Him and strived to do what was right but they saw no blessings in their lives. When I asked them to expand on what they meant – it was a pretty long list of the things they see other people with that they don’t have… new home, new car, extra money… God had not “blessed” them as He had others.

Perception is such a funny thing. Blessings that I saw were that they had a beautiful family, a job that met their financial needs, a long, good marriage… But I understand the stress financial “tightness” brings and they have faced some serious health challenges and difficult jobs… So how to answer them in their question of “where was God?”

If you have ever faced anything difficult in your family like financial stressors for sure – but even more challenging stuff like illness or an unexpected death – you know it’s easy to start questioning where God was in that particular situation. When we are walking through relatively calm patches – it’s very easy to trust and rely on God. I mean when Life Is Good – God must be at work and showering us with His blessings and provision. When things get rough… we sometimes find ourselves saying – “where’d You go God?!?!?”

Of course the truth is that He never leaves us – He is always there. It’s really an age old dilemma – can we trust him in the good times and the bad? Is our trust contingent on our circumstances – or lack thereof? Those are questions that I ask myself often and I try to read Isaiah 40 and Psalm 33 on a very regular basis to answer it… Have you ever read these scriptures? Good stuff.

This has been a long week… maybe I’ll go re-read them now… Til next time…

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