No Win Situations

What do you think about the phrase “no win situation?” I hate it. I hate it because it is a terrible – real place – we can all find ourselves in from time to time. I found myself using it this morning as I was checking up on the headlines from back in the states. A lot of them are revolving around the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

This post is not apolitical one. This post is about the sad loss of life and the sad state of affairs our country finds itself in. It’s also about the no win situation President Obama finds himself in.

First though is the loss of a life. I really have no interest in what this young man’s proclivities for crime or mis-behavior were prior to his death. The fact is that he was killed. That is sad and anyone who tries to dismiss that is seriously flawed at some level. Too many people are focusing on justice vs compassion – on both sides of the tragedy. If we can’t come together and just focus on the reality that loss of life – regardless of race, creed or religion – is a sad thing then we will never find a way to heal.The rhetoric from both sides is not healthy and is not doing anything to advance peace. Both sides want justice served and both sides claim an inerrant claim to their belief being right. Hate is escalating and justice will not be served. A no win situation.

I also see that President Obama is facing criticism from every direction in his response to the killing. From the supporters of George Zimmerman come cries that he is only showing compassion because Trayvon Martin was a black teenager. They point to the 2 white british students murdered last April by a black Florida teen. They are mad that President Obama has remained silent in that case plus dozens of others that they are pointing to as well. They are angry that he hasn’t denounced the rhetoric swirling around calling for vigilante response to Zimmerman and his family and supporters. And then on the side of the supporters from the Trayvon Martin side some are saying he is not doing enough to support them. That he should be even more vocal… that he should come out even stronger in his support. In reality – I think we all understand that there is no possible way the President of the United States could weigh in on every act of violence in our country. Even if just narrowed to cases potentially based on crimes against race. Perhaps it’s better to say nothing on any just to remain “fair” but then that seems even colder. A no win situation.

Again – I am not writing this in support of any political cause or any side other than the side of where my faith carries me. I know that God has got to shake His head when he sees our response and our reactions to situations which should be met with sadness, sorrow and compassion yet we somehow meet them with anger, revenge and hatred. Both sides may find anger towards me for saying that I am praying for both families. My heart breaks for the parents of Trayvon Martin as they have lost him forever and are experiencing such pain and sorrow. For George Zimmerman and his family – their lives are forever altered and regardless of the conditions behind the fateful night – his family had no involvement. They are only guilty of loving their son.

No win situations all the way around.

But anyone who knows anything about God will know that No Win Situations are places He loves to show up and go to work… if we only invite Him in. I am praying for these to become No Lose Situations very quickly.

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