Cats and Dogs Living Together… Mass Hysteria!!

I love Jesus. I feel it necessary to say that right up front. Let me say it again… I absolutely love Jesus and His Dad and The Holy Spirit and I believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light and that no one has access to God except through Him. Now…

Sometimes – Christians drive me crazy. Not all of course – in fact – not even most, probably. But some do. Especially the ones that want to cling to rules, regulations, what ifs and what nots. I read 2 articles in just the last 2 days that literally made me throw my hands up in the air. One is just about Christian Churchse who are trying to reach out their Muslim neighbors in friendship. That has some Christians angry. The other story is about a Christian Church in Nashville who is allowing an Islamic congregation to use their church as they don’t have a mosque yet. That has some Christians angry.

Can we take a step back for just a minute and have an honest conversation you and I? Give me a break please! In either scenario what are these people worrying about? That there will be some kind of contamination – either the building that houses the Christian Church or of the Christians that  share meals with Muslims will be somehow contaminated? Isn’t our God bigger than that?

It’s amazing all of the different places we can encounter God – and all of the places we miss Him too… Not because He isn’t there but because we fail to seek Him out.

The alternative to both the news stories could have been neither side reaching out to the other and never meeting one another. How much chance would we have in that scenario of ever showing the love of Jesus Christ? I would love for Muslims to use our building! I would love to sit and pray with them and for them. I would love for us to need space and find a mosque that would share their home with us – again – so that I could pray with them, for them… share a meal with them, talk about our faiths.

I guess I believe in a God who means it when he says that we are to Love Him and Love People… All People. I also know without a shadow of a doubt that my faith and my commitment to Christ will not be changed or altered by anyone else’s faith in anyone else. Any Buddhists, Jews, Harikrishnas, Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists, Atheists, Christians or anyone else reading this … call or email me… I’d love to grab coffee or lunch and share time with you… Tell me about your beliefs and I’ll tell you about mine. And most importantly – we can get to know one another and hopefully find common ground together to just enjoy hanging out. Unlikely you say? I think you’d be surprised. I am a pretty decent guy to be around… or I like to think so anyway …


Here are the articles I referenced if you would like to read them… Here and Here.


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