Lions, Schmions.

Getting ready tonight for the 2nd study with a group of men at Eastside tomorrow. It’s intense. I’ve been going through some heavy stuff over the last year and I believe it has all been God preparing me for some even heavier stuff. In a little over a month we will be going through a series at Eastside that we named The Art Of Shaving. It is geared towards men for the benefit of families. We are going to talk about some hard truths together. It is going to be amazing.

Leading up to it – two groups of men are going ahead of everyone else… The staff guys and then some other leaders. Again, it’s intense. And I love it. And I dread it.

Tomorrow – we talk about David’s Mighty Men – 2 Samuel 23. One my most fave and most obscure passages in scripture… specifically vs 20 … A lion. In a pit. On a snowy day. Tomorrow we face our lions together. Tomorrow is one more step to being real men. Together. Pray for and with us!

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