Touchdown! Thank you Jesus!

So here is my 2 cents… Tim Tebow is free to practice his prayer time, conversations with God, worship, praise, etc anyway he likes… It is an amazing freedom that has been gained for us as Americans with blood, sweat and tears. That freedom, though, affords his detractors the same luxury to publicly disparage and ridicule him for it. A big part of the uproar I hear from Christians is that if Tim Tebow was a muslim or if he were a minority – no one would be criticizing him…

Yes it’s true that anyone in a minority will be treated with more kid-gloves – especially in the media … We are a country that has always struggled with equality… Our dark past includes slavery and civil rights atrocities – which should give us all good reason to be sensitive. Mr. Tebow is a white, evangelical christian. I don’t think any of us in that category have ever been subject to wholesale violations of our basic human rights here in the US. I think we can take the brunt of criticisms in the media. Oooooooh Bill Maher is so mean to us! Ouch! Let’s toughen up shall we? Tim Tebow seems to be the only white evangelical Christian in America that has been ok with the criticism and appears to be handling it well. So let’s not make it about race or religion or anything else. It’s about rights – our rights to pray out loud and the rights of someone else to laugh at that. Personally – I am fairly certain I will never kneel down in public with my hand to my forehead to display that I am thanking God for something… And I ‘m pretty sure God is ok with that … just like I am very sure He is more than ok with Mr. Tebow choosing TO DO that.

So as to all of the detractors and the ones who LOVE to HATE “Tebowing” … I like that they are lashing out at it! I think it is awesome! The more people like Bill Maher (who I think is hilarious btw) that make fun of Tim Tebow – the more I am certain they are actually searching for something. They are trying TOO hard to destroy and tear down if they are really so convinced that God is imaginary. I mean they don’t take on personal vendettas with Santa Claus or the tooth fairy or big foot. Jesus really gets them riled up though and He has always been so good at doing that.

If anything good comes from the new term in our public conscious – “Tebowing” – it is that God is in the conversation of those missing from God and we have an opportunity to discuss His relevance in our everyday, walking around lives. God is still GOD no matter what anyone says or screams about it. God is still GOD even though Bill Maher derides him. God is still GOD even when televangelists and pimp suit wearing preachers give the world so many easy things to ridicule and make fun of. God is still God even when churches profess hate on signs at soldier funerals. God is still God. God will always be GOD. We just simply are called to show the world – daily – who God is by the way we live and love… walking as Jesus did when He was here.

So go ahead Tim… Keep on Tebowing … and go ahead Bill … keep trying to convince us that you aren’t searching. God loves you both and loves opportunities to converse with you  – on your knee in a football end zone or in the quiet of the night alone in your prayer closet. God… Is.

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